When Ferguson Fights Back

You may have heard that two practitioners of habitual violence were shot during a protest in Ferguson. I wont condemn it, nor will I condone it. Let’s see what facts emerge. Right now the police are blaming protesters, despite the fact that the suspect or suspects remain at large, and despite no link to protest participants themselves.

I will say this: I’m surprised this does not happen more often. The shooting of police officers at protests, that is. The initial claim, made by St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, was that shots came from within the crowd. This has sense been discredited by witnesses. Most reports indicate shots coming from a hill behind the protests.

The statements from witnesses, in addition to being actual reports of facts on the ground, also make intuitive sense. A distant hill provides both a vantage point and an opportunity to escape undetected.

Then there are those who say this was a false flag; the police initiated the incident, staged it or placed a shooter to discredit the peaceful protests. I am of the idea that grand claims require grand evidence. And while many “conspiracy theories” are being proven day by day, I’ll withhold judgment on this.

I’m also of the school of Occam’s Razor. You have an entire community of people in Ferguson who absolutely hate the police. And they have every reason to hate the police. Is it a stretch to think someone may have climbed a hill and took a few shots at the cops? Not by a long shot. They are just sitting there, huddled in big groups, after all. You don’t even need to be a good shot to hit one.

That’s why I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often. I don’t condemn, I don’t condone. And if it was an angry person who fired the shots, I don’t blame. I do, however, understand. Not all slaves submit to the whip.

Best of luck to you, Ferguson.


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